Waking Watch Services: Ensuring Fire Safety
The “Waking Watch” service was established as a direct response to the tragic incident at Grenfell Towers in 2017. This service entrusts personnel with the responsibility of addressing day-to-day fire and safety issues.Our wardens collaborate closely with local Fire authorities to professionally monitor the safety needs of residents at their allocated site 24/7. Referred to as “Fire Marshalls,” these trained wardens operate within a proprietary organizational framework, proactively working to prevent fire-related disasters.This framework undergoes constant real-time monitoring, auditing, and improvement. Some of the universal duties performed by these guards and aspects they monitor include:
  • Fire Exit Obstruction Management.
  • Ensuring Fire extinguisher and other equipment (e.g., Break-Glass Equipment) are up-to-date and readily available.
  • Proactively managing fire hazards, such as waste management (handling flammable and hazardous materials) and Smoking Area management.
  • Management of Electrical Units and conducting regular safety checks.
  • Weekly Fire Alarm testing.
  • Arranging Fire Drills bi-annually.
  • Compliance documentation.
These are just a few of the universal services that may be updated as this new market evolves. Additionally, we assess each individual property on a site-by-site basis, providing bespoke services according to the site’s individual needs.Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs if you believe a property you own or operate requires Waking Watch Services. 
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