Bed Bug Control Procedure
Comprehensive Bed Bug Control in Two Visits

The bed bug control service is conducted in two visits spaced two weeks apart. Our skilled professionals meticulously treat every surface in your bedroom, including the bed mattress, headboard, skirting boards, the floor, carpeting, and more. To enhance effectiveness, a different insecticide is used during the second visit, preventing the chance for insects to adapt and survive.

To lure out bed bugs in hiding, it is recommended that someone (either you or another person) sleeps in the treated rooms. The bed bugs will traverse the treated spots and meet their demise.

As part of our bed bug control package, a complimentary extra visit is included if you've booked a guaranteed service, valid for 90 days after your initial appointment.

Preparation Before and After the Exterminator's Arrival

Due to the remarkable resistance of bed bugs to many pest products on the market, specific precautions must be taken for your safety and the complete extermination of pests.

  • Relocate your pets (including fish) before the treatment.
  • Remove all infected bedding and wash it at temperatures between 60-90°C.
  • Wash any clothing found in the infested room at temperatures between 60-90°C.
  • Thoroughly vacuum all areas in the affected room, paying special attention to areas under the bed.
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